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We provide Licensed Home and Structural Pest Inspections. These services typically take about 2 hours but vary depending on the age and square footage of the home.


– Buyers Home Inspection
– Pre-Listing Home Inspection
– Structural Pest Inspection
– Blower Door Testing
– Mold Testing / Evaluation
– Foundation Certifications
– One-year warranty inspection

You can expect our home inspections to exceed the Standards of Practice in Washington State. The State standard is the minimum standard. For clients, we want to make sure you understand the home that you are buying. The process of the inspection is about gathering all of the data points and compiling them into an easy, understandable and actionable inspection report that will be useful in your transaction. For realtors, we are hoping to strengthen your relationship with your client, rather than just getting the sale done, we are writing a report that will exceed your clients expectations about a home inspection, with the hope that the client will know everything they need and be so happy that you recommended us, that they will use you for all future transactions.

Our prices reflect the age and square footage of the home. Home inspections start at $550. Add $50 for each additional 500 square feet.

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